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Monday, March 19, 2018

Will There Ever Be a Remedy For AIDS?

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I've been HIV constructive for 24 years and had full-blown AIDS for 17 years and whereas there's now medication that has helped me stay this lengthy with HIV, I don't consider that there'll ever be a treatment for AIDS. The reason is with the pharmaceutical corporations making billions of on AIDS medicines, they might by no means permit a treatment for AIDS to be launched.

In case you ask me, I consider treatment already exists. Nevertheless, in the event that they had been to launch a treatment for HIV and AIDS, the pharmaceutical corporations, hospitals, nursing houses, residence well being care businesses, and HIV clinics would most positively go bankrupt.

So will there ever be a treatment for AIDS? Not on this lifetime. As a result of HIV and AIDS therapy is a multi-billion greenback business. In the event that they had been to launch a treatment for AIDS there can be tens of millions of individuals out of jobs and the financial system would hit an all-time low, for the reason that Nice Melancholy. Due to this fact, economically it might be not possible to launch a treatment for AIDS.

There may be at present not even a vaccine for AIDS, whereas discuss of a vaccine could also be within the close to future I nonetheless don't really feel a treatment wouldn't even be within the image. But when there was a treatment launched then the entire nation would go bankrupt and there can be whole chaos within the financial system. So to avoid wasting the financial standing of the world from being crushed there may by no means be a treatment for AIDS.

HIV and AIDS impacts tens of millions of lives and infects much more tens of millions of individuals it doesn't matter what age, race, or sexuality. AIDS is a devastating illness. Whereas it's true that AIDS is now not thought-about a demise sentence, however as a substitute a incurable persistent manageable illness, I can't see a treatment changing into accessible within the subsequent 50-100 years. I imply, look how lengthy most cancers and different lethal debilitating illnesses have been round and but there is no such thing as a treatment for them both.

In conclusion, I actually don't consider that there'll ever be a treatment for HIV or AIDS as a result of it's an incurable illness. And if there's a treatment we might by no means see it as a result of it might be devastating to the financial standing of pharmaceutical corporations and different well being care organizations. Together with however not restricted to hospitals, clinics, residence well being care businesses, nursing houses, and many others. Additionally, HIV is a virus and there's not at present nor ever will likely be a treatment for a virus. So I don't consider that there'll ever be a treatment for AIDS.

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