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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Can You Get AIDS With out Getting HIV?

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Are you able to contract AIDS with out contracting HIV? No. You'll contract HIV-Human Immunodeficiency Virus first, then when your immune system breaks down and is broken then the virus turns into AIDS-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. You possibly can contract HIV from an individual who has both HIV or full-blown AIDS.

HIV virus is the virus that causes AIDS. In uncommon instances, in the event you get an HIV check and also you check constructive for AIDS, it simply means that you've had HIV virus for a considerable period of time. In case your CD4 cells (the cells that combat off an infection) are under 200 or you might be identified with an opportunistic an infection (A sort of an infection that solely infects an individual with a suppressed immune system) then chances are you'll check constructive for AIDS. That's the reason it is extremely necessary to know your HIV standing. The earlier you discover out that you're HIV constructive the higher the possibilities are of the virus not turning into AIDS. As soon as you discover out that you're HIV constructive you must begin on HIV medicines instantly, as this provides you with a preventing probability of controlling the HIV virus and by no means being identified with full-blown AIDS.

Everybody ought to know there HIV standing as a result of the earlier you discover out that you're contaminated with HIV the earlier you can begin on antiretroviral medicines (medication that assist to combat the HIV virus). It's suggest that everybody be examined for HIV every year, extra usually in the event you take part in excessive danger behaviors corresponding to sleeping with a number of companions or utilizing injection medication, then you need to be examined each three to 6 months. HIV is transmitted via blood, semen, vaginal fluids and breast milk. In case you are pregnant and you might be HIV constructive it's potential so that you can have a toddler that's not HIV constructive, so long as you begin on antiretroviral medicines if you are pregnant.

In conclusion, you can't check constructive for AIDS with out first testing constructive for HIV, as a result of HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, when your physique's immune system turns into broken or suppressed as a result of HIV virus, then the virus progresses into full-blown AIDS. Only a reminder, at all times know your HIV standing, not solely can it defend you however realizing will defend others chances are you'll be sexually lively with. It's endorsed that everybody be examined for HIV not less than every year, extra usually in the event you take part in excessive danger behaviors.

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